Paul Metzger: Improvisations on Modified Banjo


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Paul Metzger - Tombeaux 180g LP / CD

“Tombeaux attains a new high-water mark in the career of Paul Metzger, one of North America’s greatest instrumentalists. Recorded in the dead of Minnesota winter, at home and alone, it’s the eighth Metzger release to feature his self-modified, 23-string banjo. The album marks our alchemist’s third appearance on NN, following critically acclaimed contributions to labels like Locust, Roaratorio and Honest Jon’s.”
- Nero’s Neptune

Minneapolis guitarist Paul Metzger showcases a maximalist aesthetic and a tinkerer’s sense of adventure in his rambling, percussive solo works. Over the course of 30 years, playing modified banjo and acoustic guitar, he’s honed a style that’s austere and verbose, elegant and rustic.
- NPR, Cecile Cloutier